About Us

A Family Pursuit

Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch started life in 2010 as the brain-child of sister’s Angela McGinty and Josephine James.  50 Pumpkins were grown in that first year and today we grow 100 times as many!

Our whole family get involved, from children, grandparents, cousins, neighbors and friends.  Without their help, support and love we’d have stopped years ago!


Family is important to us and working together as a group helps us to strengthen that family bond.  Of course, there has been tears and cross words (we are human after all!) but we’ve learned the value of trust, hard work and humour to ensure that, as a group, we do the best we can to put on an event for 15,000 people each year.

For than anything, we want to set an example to our own children and show them that its possible to do anything that you put your mind to.  We also want to ensure that, at a young, age they value things that we know are important.

All of the kids get involved. 11 year old Jack plays as big a part in our pumpkin patch as any of the adults

A huge amount of effort goes into getting things ready.  Even Bonnie helps out with guarding our biggest pumpkins

The simply amazing Jenny Carroll was kind enough to create the video!  Thanks Jenny