Fun Decorations Anyone Can Make

We’ve been throwing ourselves, body and soul, into Halloween for about seven years now.  For us, its become such a creative time of year when everyone in the family is thinking about how we can make this year the best year ever.

Every year we make our own signs, dress scarecrows, build mazes and make our own decorations.  The thing is that, when we make our own decorations they become much more impolrtant to us that any of the cheap, plastic decorations we picked up in previous years.  As it turns out, homemade decorations often work out cheaper, its a great way to get the kids involved and its always brings back memories of making them when we get them from the attic each year.  This never happens with the ones we bought!

Here’s one you can try

As I was breaking up some pallets, I got from them a handful of wooden blocks.

After a quick sanding, I started painting. I used acrylic paints because they’re harding wearing and don’t start to run when little wet hands play with them.

The painting only took about 20 minutes even with the kids helping.  Its a simple thing but the kids love it especially when they made it with Dad!

(We also stole Mammy’s wooden spoons … I’m sure we’ll be forgiven though)

– Barry

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