Pumpkin Nibbles

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Dry them: Spread the seeds in a single layer on an oiled baking sheet and roast 30 minutes to dry them out. Add spices: Toss the seeds with olive oil, salt and your choice of spices (see below). Return to the oven and bake until crisp and golden, about 20 more minutes.

Pumpkin Dip

Beat cream cheese and pumpkin in large mixer bowl until smooth. Add sugar, cinnamon and ginger; mix thoroughly. Cover; refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve with fresh fruit, bite-size cinnamon graham crackers, gingersnap cookies, toasted mini-bagels, toast slices, muffins and/or English muffins

Pumpkin Smoothie

To make the smoothie, add milk, and yogurt to a blender. Drop in some frozen pumpkin pie filling and a banana and blend until the frozen filling is mashed. Add a little more milk for the right consistency